You’ve seen the shirts on campus and the logo on twitter. Who or what exactly is Lion City?

We are a new campus ministry that exists to serve the campus, transform the community, and change the world.

We believe real life exists outside of the four walls of a church building. We follow a revolutionary Jesus that preferred the company of outlaws and outcasts to those suffocating in their dead, dry religion.

While we meet in Stevens Hall Sundays at 6pm for the Hangover, you can also hook up with us in one of our weekly life groups or even sit down for a Faith & Doubt interview where you can share your thoughts on life and faith (or lack thereof) without being judged or condemned.

We want you to just come as you are and connect with people just like you on the same journey toward genuine faith. You can also connect with us on Orgsync, Facebook, and Twitter. If you have any questions hit us up at lioncitylh@gmail.com.


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