Have you ever wondered what draws a moth to a flame? There is just something intoxicating that lures them toward any object aglow with burning light.

The same is true of people. We walk around looking for a missing quality we can’t quite figure out. We want to be drawn inescapably to what we hope will fill our emptiness.

That one thing we all long for is an indescribable joy that is only found one place. Join us for the Hangover this Sunday night at 6pm in Wesleyan Hall as we learn how to experience this Joy for the Journey.

If you have never been, you’ll find we are just a jacked up group of sinners who are on the same journey to genuine faith that you are. Invite a friend, meet some new ones – and we’ll be done in plenty of time for the Walking Dead.

Got questions? Hit us up at LionCityLH@gmail.com or find us on twitter @LionCityLH.