NYRWe are about to enter a brand new year, which means you are probably making a list of resolutions. If you’re like the rest of us, you are determined to lose weight, change majors, or make some other life altering decision – at least until January 2nd.

Have you thought of making a spiritual resolution for the new year? Whether you are a follower of Jesus or simply taking steps on your spiritual journey, we invite you to join us in the Lion City 2014 challenge!

Here’s the deal: we believe the Bible teaches in Ephesians 2:8-10 that we are not saved by what we do or how hard we try. Intimacy and eternity with God are given as a free gift to the least deserving: which means all of us. Romans 10:9-10 shows us how we simply genuinely believe Jesus is Who He claims to be and submit every area of our lives to Him.

So this challenge is not about trying harder or doing better. It’s a way to grow spiritually and stir up our affection for God.

Here is how it works: in 2014 our goal is to

  • Read through the entire New Testament (download the free guide 52_wks_new_testament). If you prefer to use your phone or tablet we suggest either Youversion or the ESV app.
  • Memorize 30 verses: as you read, pick the ones that take on real meaning
  • Read 2 books for spiritual growth this summer: email us for recommendations
  • Pray for others every day each month using our prayer guide: simply write the names of friends, family, and those you want to pray for each day
  • Give $5 per month to support Pastor Saied Ziadeh in the war-torn nation of Syria. You can donate at the Hangover on campus Sundays this fall.

Whether you can do all of just one or two of these we invite you to join us as we continue on this journey toward genuine faith. We also invite you to join us as the Hangover resumes Sunday night January 12th at 6pm in Wesleyan Hall!