You study hard and play harder. You have one goal in mind: graduate and get a six figure career. Marry the man or woman of your dreams and start a family. Climb the corporate ladder.

Then what?

A man just like this asked Jesus what he must do to inherit eternal life. He had it all: wealth, status, and the respect of his peers. But something was missing.

Jesus tells him the only thing he lacks: to lose everything and then follow Him. Give up his wealth, his status, his identity. Everything that defines him.

What would you say? Would you be willing to sacrifice everything to follow Jesus?

This rich man wasn’t a horrible human being. He followed all the religious rules. Yet his heart trusted in something other than Jesus to save him and give him worth.

Don’t fall for southern fried Bible Belt Christianity.

If you are tired of plastic people and lifeless religious ceremony, join us in two weeks for the Hangover in Wesleyan Hall at 6pm. Be re-introduced to Jesus and find something worth losing everything for.