trappedImagine being a prisoner trapped inside of your own body.

Your mind functions fully, but your muscles are completely atrophied. You cannot speak. Your eyes can barely focus in one direction.


Friends and family are forced to feed, clothe, and even wipe you like an infant.

What would be more of a miracle than for you to stand on legs that had never walked, or speak after a lifetime of silence?

The Bible speaks of just such a man in Luke 5. After a powerful encounter with Jesus, this man who was brought on a stretcher leaped to his feet and could not shut up about what Jesus had done for him.

The real miracle was not that he could now walk and talk, but that Jesus said his sins were forgiven.

You may not have the physical limits this man experienced, but deep inside you may feel imprisoned by a lifetime of bad decisions or overwhelming guilt.

Here is the best news you will hear all day: God is not a distant combat boot in the sky hoping you screw up just one last time. He wants to forgive us even more than we want to be forgiven.

Your new lease on life is just a prayer away.

Join us for the Hangover this Sunday night, 6pm at Wesleyan Hall. Whether you are a seeker or a skeptic everyone is welcome.

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