We have met so many of you during Pride Week and our Reverse Confession booth on campus. We hope to see you THIS SUNDAY at the Hangover in Stevens Hall auditorium!

This is an alternative for spiritual seekers that will meet on campus every Sunday evening starting September 8 in Stevens Hall (next week we will move to Wesleyan).

Perhaps you have serious questions about matters of faith but are sick of superficial platitudes and naïve, easy answers.

The idea of walking into the front doors of a church may repulse you.

The suit and tie crowd refused to accept you, so now you seek your own way.

You may even be sleeping off a wild Saturday night.

We invite you to Hangover with Lion City this Sunday September 8 at 6pm in Stevens Hall. No dress code, zero expectations. We are not an elite group of religious pretenders but a community of jacked up people who are on the same journey to genuine faith that you are.