Mark your calendars for SIX DAYS from tonight! Join us for the launch of the Hangover September 8 at 6pm in Stevens Hall.

What is the Hangover? It is a Sunday alternative for spiritual seekers. Whether you grew up being choked by the Bible Belt or have never seriously considered what genuine, authentic faith is all about all are welcome.

We believe every person has a desire to believe in something or someone beyond themselves. Our roads may take divergent paths but we are all basically in search of the same thing: a real, living relationship with a God Who loves us and passionately pursues hurting and broken people.

There is no dress code, no judgment and no expectations. Even if you are too hung over for Sunday morning, come as you are to Stevens Hall Sunday night at 6pm and hang out with us.

If you have any questions hit us up at LionCityLH@gmail.com.