You’re Still Doing It Wrong

53459ba694bab.image[1]On behalf of those who genuinely follow Jesus, we apologize for those of you who were subjected to the nonsense at the Amphitheater a few weeks ago.

How someone can read the same Bible and get it so wrong bewilders us.

Let us make it up to you. Join us this Sunday night at 6pm for an outdoor Hangover called Amp’d at the Amphitheater. This is a laid back event where we’re giving away free pizza and drinks and will share a short relevant message about how God really feels about you.

And Mr. Skelly, you’re doing it wrong. Read the Book and get back to us.

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What’s Your Story?

The Story

How many people can you honestly say that you know their story?

Not what they post to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Their real story.

Where they come from. What they’ve been through. What makes them the person they are today.

This Sunday night at 6pm in Wesleyan Hall join us for a special edition of the Hangover called The Story. Hear from people from all walks of life as they open up about their background, their difficulties, and the hope they have found.

Invite your friends, add yourself to our Facebook event page and hit us up if you have any questions.


Joy for the Journey

On our best day with our better efforts we can never be good enough to earn God’s acceptance. On our worst day with worse intentions we can never be bad enough to escape God’s relentless, pursuing love.

This is what gives us genuine joy even when facing the most difficult trials. Join us Sunday night at 6pm in Wesleyan Hall to be introduced to a God Who you never knew existed.

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Lion City Roulette



Stuck in Florence for spring break? Join us this Sunday night at 6pm in Wesleyan Hall for Lion City Roulette!

Here you can anonymously text your spiritual questions and have them answered live. If we don’t know the answer, we promise not to make things up. We are on the same journey to genuine faith as you are.

Help us out by sending your questions early to We would love to connect with you!


Have you ever wondered what draws a moth to a flame? There is just something intoxicating that lures them toward any object aglow with burning light.

The same is true of people. We walk around looking for a missing quality we can’t quite figure out. We want to be drawn inescapably to what we hope will fill our emptiness.

That one thing we all long for is an indescribable joy that is only found one place. Join us for the Hangover this Sunday night at 6pm in Wesleyan Hall as we learn how to experience this Joy for the Journey.

If you have never been, you’ll find we are just a jacked up group of sinners who are on the same journey to genuine faith that you are. Invite a friend, meet some new ones – and we’ll be done in plenty of time for the Walking Dead.

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When All Hell Breaks Loose

You’ve been there. For some reason life seems to have taken the gloves off and is beating you within an inch of your life. You dodge one bullet only to be hit by twenty more. All hell has broken loose.

What if you could experience authentic joy in spite of your circumstances? That may sound psychotic, but it is real and available to every single one of us.

Join us for another interactive Hangover this Sunday night at 6pm in Wesleyan Hall where we will learn how to have unshakable joy no matter what happens.

Be sure to check in on our Facebook event page and text a few friends to come with you. No dress code, zero expectations. We are just a group of jacked up people on the same journey to genuine faith that you are.

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An Interactive Hangover

We are trying something out new this Sunday night at the Hangover and want you to help us take it for a test drive!

Go to on your smart phone, laptop, or tablet. If you haven’t already create an account then click Live on the side bar.

When asked to find live event, you should see one called Joy for the Journey under the group Lion City. Add yourself to our group to follow along Sunday night and join the discussion as we journey through the book of Philippians.

Here you can take notes, ask questions, offer anonymous prayer needs, and interact with us during the message.

We would love to meet you at 6pm in Wesleyan Hall this Sunday and hear what you think!

Joy for the Journey

Joy for the Journey

Everyone is ultimately in search of the same thing. Even the Declaration of Independence says so: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Why then is happiness so elusive? What if we told you there is something even better out there, more satisfying and that can never be taken away?

Join us this Sunday night at 6pm in Wesleyan Hall as we begin our new series through the book of Philippians called Joy for the Journey. Learn where to find this all satisfying joy that cannot be shaken even during the hard times.

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Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart

hardened-heartIf you grew up in the Bible Belt or have lived here for any length of time, you have probably encountered Christians who may urge you to ask Jesus into your heart.

What does that even mean? Would it surprise you to know that this is not found anywhere in the Bible?

There is a way for jacked up sinners like you and me to know for sure that God loves and accepts us. Join us this Sunday night at 6pm in Wesleyan Hall to find out how.

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The Hangover

the-hangover-signLast Sunday night was the largest ever for the Hangover! Why don’t you join us this Sunday night at 6pm and see what everyone is talking about?

In case you have been living under a rock, the Hangover is a Sunday alternative for spiritual seekers. If you are too hung over for church that morning, you are more than welcome with us. There is no dress code and zero expectations. We are just a group of jacked up people on the same journey to genuine faith that you are.

iphoneWe want to completely pack out Wesleyan Hall Sunday night. Do us a favor and text your friends and then use our Facebook event page to invite them to this week’s Hangover!

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